Based on the wear of the lone wander from the vault of the apocalyptic future, these coveralls are a made from a sturdy twill fabric to wear comfortably while maintaining strong wear-resistance.  Includes yellow striping, custom stitching, front pockets, side pockets, knee pads, zip-up front, and a Velcro fly cover.


Designed for a close fit, not be worn over heavy clothing.


This listing is for a child-sized suit.  Please indicate height, chest, waist, and hips when ordering, or provide child-based sizing.  These can be made for toddlers through young teens.  Young adult and adult sizes are in a separate listing.

Lone Wanderer Vault Dweller Coveralls - Child Sized

SKU: V0vs-child
  • Collar numbers are a 1” height and the back numbers are usually 7” height, but may be downsized to account for overall suit size.  Please note desired numbers in the comments when ordering.


    This listing is for the suit only.  Additions may be made upon request. 


    Please message me any questions regarding size.  Measurements can be added to the comments section of the order for a custom fit.