Offered in a list of different styles, this is a handcrafted dice/cap/coin bag produced by Vault 0.  The outer fabric is made from a hardy twill with a separate interior lining for durability.  Strong parachute cord drawstring pulls the top together with just a pull on either side.  Large-sized to hold most gamers' dice needs, or to carry your mad science trinkets.


Base styles are provided, but they are customizable to buyer's color desires with various colors or fabrics, grommets, and drawstrings available.  Custom embroidery can also be added with a variety of emblems and patches.  Special requests are not a problem!

Mad Science Dice / Coin / Gamer / Cosplay Bag

  • Stitch design allows for bag to stand upright when opened.


    Closes with two side pull strings.


    No guarentees to protect against radiation or giant scorpions.  

  • These are custom made to order and can take extra time for shipping while items to made for order.  Please allow and extra 1 to 2 weeks for shipping.